Date:  March 25, 2017
Time:  7am-4pm
Location:   Watkins Park

So you think you’re the king of the pit? Come prove it at the first annual OYEA! BBQ Day on MLK!

This competition is an “open-category” competition. Anything that comes out of the smoker or off the grill is eligible. Entries will be judged in two categories: grilling (can include steak, burgers, chicken, vegetables–anything that is cooked at high heat on the grill) and smoking (anything cooked low an slow on a smoker–chicken, ribs, pork butt, fish, vegetables). All grilled and smoked items must be cooked on premises.

Cooks meeting and meat inspection: At 9am on the day of the competition, all competitors must be present for a cook’s meeting. All meat must be inspected by a competition representative to ensure that the meat is in its raw state–not previously cooked, rubbed, marinated, or injected. Meat inspections will take place between 7am and 10am.

Setup: Contestants will be provided with a 10ft-by-20ft space in which to set up. Contestants must provide their own cooking equipment, and setup, including any tables and tents. Water will be available a short distance away, but must be carried to the cooking site. Electricity will not be provided. Contestants may begin setting up at 7am on the day of the copetition and must clean up their area by 4pm.

Judging: entries will be judged on cooking skill, overall taste, and appearance. Entrants should prepare enough food for five judges to taste, but do not need to include a full serving for each judge. Product must be turned in no later than five minutes after the following times for judging: grilling – 12:30pm and smoking – 1pm.

Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded to the top two winners in each category. In addition, there will be awarded a Grand Champion prize for the highest overall combined score for those entering both grilling and smoking.

Entry fee: $50 for grilling or smoking, $75 to enter both grilling and smoking.

For questions about the competition, contact Chef Allen Edwards at For tickets to enter the contest, click here.

This event will coincide with the OYEA! Kite Competition Finals (10a-noon, more information here) and Fall Creek Cleanup.