Date:  March 26, 2017 – May 19, 2017

The Indy Healthy Food Access Challenge, presented by communityINNOVATE, aims to improve access to healthy and affordable food. The focus is to find a solution for any area identified as a food desert in Indianapolis. Phase 1 of this initiative, the Inquire phase, started in February 2017, while phase 2 has just begun. Phase 2 is the Ideate phase. During the Ideate Phase, the goal is to collectively brainstorm solutions to the prioritized issues identified in the Inquire Phase. This meeting takes place on March 26. For other Phase 2 meetings and for more information, click here. Phase 3, the Investigate Phase, is to connect high-potential ideas with might-be existing non-profit or for-profit organizations, faith-based ministries, students, entrepreneurs, or anyone else that is interested in making an impact. This phase starts on April 21, 9am-4pm at the Kheprw Institute. Phase 4 is the final phase and it takes place May 19, 3:30pm-5pm at Flanner House. For more information, click here.