Date:  October 15, 2016
Time:  8am-4pm

The Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay is designed to inspire and unify Hoosiers as one of the signature events of the 2016 Bicentennial celebration. Hoosiers will also symbolically “pass the torch” connecting generations to IGNITE our future.

 Event Dates

•The Torch Relay will start in Corydon (Harrison County) on September 9, 2016.

•The final leg of the Torch Relay will be in Indianapolis (Marion County) on October 15, 2016. Marion County Route A  Marion County Route B

Special Events

•County Celebrations – Festivities will vary from town to town, as communities celebrate the torch in their own special way. •The relay will culminate in Indianapolis on the Statehouse Grounds, with a special welcome ceremony and celebration on October 15, 2016.

Opportunities for Hoosiers

•Be a torchbearer – The torch will be primarily transported by people, passing the flame from torch bearer to torch bearer – Nominations were accepted until January 31 and final selections are currently being made by each county. An official list of Torchbearers will be available in early June.

•Volunteer – Counties are currently looking for local citizens to assist as volunteers during the relay and for other Bicentennial events. Sign up to volunteer by using the link